Master new skills, have adventures

The Cubs gather every Monday & Thursday from 6:30pm to 8pm, providing a valuable opportunity for boys and girls aged between 8 and 10½ to cultivate skills and collaborate. Our weekly meetings, held primarily in our hall during term time, offer a diverse program. However, we also venture out to local venues like parks, campsites, and activity centres to enrich the experience. Beyond our regular gatherings, Cubs can engage in district events such as Badge days, as well as local camps organised by our leaders.

If you have any questions or would like to join the colony, get in touch below.

Cub Scout Promise

All Cub Scouts make the promise when they are invested, and renew it yearly (usually during our St George’s Day parade)

I promise to do my best,
To do my duty to God and to the King,
To help other people,
And to keep the Cub Scout Law

Variations of the promise for different faiths can be found here.

Cub Scout Law

Our Cub Scout law is a set of values that all members of our pack abide by. 

Cub Scouts always do their best,
think of others before themselves
and do a good turn every day.

In Cubs, our groups are called “sixes.” Within our pack, we have four distinct sixes, each engaging in friendly competition during our weekly meetings to earn points. These points accumulate over the year and culminate in our annual awards evening, where the six with the highest tally is honored with a prize. Each six is headed by a senior Cub Scout known as a “Sixer,” who is assisted in leadership by a “Seconder.”

Our Cub Sixes

Red Six

Yellow Six

Green Six

Blue Six

What We Wear

Green, with badges sewn on to show off all your Cub’s achievements

Group Scarf
Ours is Red and Yellow with our Duck badge on the back to show you’re a proud member of our group

Made of leather or paracord and stops the scarf falling off (Tie a knot in your scarf if outside so you don’t lose it)

Smart Trouser/Skirt and Shoes
For parades and some other events, we like our Cubs to look smart in school trousers/skirt with a pair of preferably black shoes

Where To Buy Uniform

Uniform can be bought online on a number of websites, some of our favourites (with links) are below.

Throughout your time as a Cub Scout, our young people work towards a number of badges. These badges are sewn onto the Cub uniform to showcase the skills they have learnt. 

We have 3 main types of badges:

Activity Badges
From Animal Carer to World Faiths, activity badges are earned for taking part in meetings over the term

Staged Activity Badges
Staged activity badges cover skills that you will develop over your time as a Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, and Scout. From Nights Away to Swimming, these badges have a small number on them so you can see your progress

Challenge Badges
Challenge badges are usually completed over a number of weeks/months. Earning all of the challenge badges will award the Chief Scout’s Silver Award, the highest award a Cub Scout can earn. 

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f you are stuck with where to sew a badge, speak to a Cub leader at your next meeting.

At some point, it will be necessary to transition away from the Cubs and eagerly embrace the fresh challenge of becoming a Scout.

We’re constantly seeking individuals who are eager to contribute and step into leadership roles. Our volunteering opportunities are designed to accommodate various schedules, ensuring that regardless of the time you can spare, there’s a suitable place for you to make a difference.

Struggling to locate what you need?

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If you have any inquiries about our endeavours or if there’s a prospective Cub interested in joining, please use the button to access our Joining Form. We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible. If you’re interested in volunteering as a leader, please visit our volunteering page for more details.